No 2016 edition of TLC

Hi all and happy new year.

There will be no London Classic for 2016.

The decision is based on a number of factors, not least the impending happy arrival of another baby in the organising gang at the start of classics season which quite rightly takes priority.

Allied to this it has to be said that for 6 years we have relied on the goodwill of a core group of volunteers who have put themselves out to make TLC happen. Many of us would like a break, some even to go to Roubaix and watch the racing first hand for the day.

It should also be said that the event could do with a break, a re-group, some fresh ideas and a new lease of life for 2017.

The Gipsy Hill Tavern will be screening the tour of Flanders and Paris -Roubaix if anybody wants to rock up and ride an ‘unofficial’ classic this year – otherwise we hope to see you all in 2017.

Thanks for your support for The London Classic.


Thank you all!

Image Copyright Gordon Peden 2015


The London Classic organising team would like to thank all riders and supporters for their great generosity in supporting the event. At the time of wring we have over £5k in donation made (including gift aid) with more cash currently being counted. Well done to all, its you that make it the day it is!

We would like to thank in no particular order of importance:

Frank, Yvonne and the rest of the Gipsy Hill Tavern crew including the incredibly generous punters who supported the legendary PJ in his cycling exploits; the TLC helpers who made the day happen – Tricky, Gordon, Lincoln, Dave T, James, Simon, Caroline, Jenny, Imogen and Arty – Adrian and Stefan for signage help -Cliff, Carol and Cass (and helpers!) for the excellent food – Brixton Cycles Co-Op for their continued support and generosity – Spin London (London’s premier urban cycling show) – Beet-It Sport bars (very tasty – thank you!) – Mentsen design studio for all things design related- Keep Dry LondonBrooksSurly – Mandy@ T-shirt Dave, Rainbow Colour printers – LFGSSUrban 75, Pat Jocelyn – Winston from SE20 cyclesBrixton CCPenge CC and of course not forgetting the taliswomanic Lis Foy who has ridden every Classic to date and is generally awesome.

We salute all of yous!

Full total to follow but the current estimate is you’ve been more generous than last year and we are on course to do better…update to come.

Surly, Halo and Brooks goodies in the raffle this Sunday.

Its great to confirm that we’ll be raffling off a Surly Steamroller fixed gear / singlespeed frame this Sunday as top prize.





The Steamroller is a classic frame for singlespeed / fixed use that  predates  the fixed gear boom of the last dozen years or so. Made from 4130 cromo steel she’s a toughie that’ll take up to 38mm fat rubber to make the roughest London backstreets feel smoother than Nigel Havers. This is not treat with kid gloves, blink and its dented aluminium, its a steel thoroughbred from the masters of real world bike frames.

Additionally we are pleased to announce that our other long term event supporters, Halo Wheels and Brooks saddles are also in on the gig again.  Along with more goodies from Brixton Cycles it promises to be a bumper crop of stuff to give away once again.



Tickets remain £1 a go!

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