FInal(ish) total in for 2014

We have a few quid to come in from the heroic and sponsored PJ of Gipsy Hill Tavern fame but the 2014 haul looks like this:-

£5592.50 was the total raised from on-line donations and all the stuff we made on the day. The gift aid fairy raises this amount to the much better £6930.63. If PJ brings in more than £70 we will clear £7K.

Which is amazing. Thanks to all who rode and supported The London Classic!

Our 2014 top prize winner Chris and his new Surly.

Our 2014 top prize winner Chris and his new Surly.

Thank you to the 344

That’s the number of you who made it out of bed and braved the rain and had a crack at ‘the classic. That is an amazing result given the weather. Thank you for being honorary Flandrians for the day.

We will not have a full total till the end of the week – but you raised over £5k toward the Evelina Children’s Hospital so far. Amazing.

And thanks also to: Frank and his Gipsy Hill Tavern team including regular PJ who rode the classic sponsored by the pub; Brixton Cycles Co-op especially Lincoln and Jim. The TLC volunteer team: James, Caroline, Tricky, Gordon, Dave T, Mac, Simon, Siobhan, Jenny, Imogen and Sam.

Thanks to Cliff and Carol for the wonderful grub,

The signage volunteer team for their hard work  - particularly the boys and girls of London Fixed Gear Singlespeed who gave up their Saturday evening and did great work and of course their gangmaster Adam of Hackney Bicycle Film Society fame. We salutes you!

Mentsen for their great design work and Ryoko for photography.

SurlyHalo WheelsBrooks and Surrey County Cricket for their generoisty.

And most of all we would like to thank you the riders for making a go of it!

Route updates

Thanks to Andy (and others) who put together downloadable files for sat nav things.

Heres Andys route of TLC 2014.

There is one section of road closure – Albyn Rd SE8 is closed. Instead we are advising riders to take the previous Left turn – Cranbrook Rd that also joins St Johns Vale. Signs will reflect this change.

TLC 2014 T-shirts have landed

Here’s the 2014 London Classic 5th Birthday T-shirt:-TLC eggplant vertical


The colour scheme is ‘Eggplant and Mustard’ – think slightly toned down LA Lakers colours (doesn’t come over on t’internet). As usual we have gone for a ‘nobody gets shafted’ Tee that is 100% organic cotton and made with a 90% reduction in CO2 compared to a regular Tee. This shirt is not responsible for the current smog over the Smoke.

Just £15 buys you this permanent slice of TLC brilliance – available for sale all day at the Gipsy Hill Tavern.

Whats he building in there..?

Regular London Classicists will once again for 2014 face the debacle of taking to the pavement to accommodate one of London’s most enduring but mysterious building sites – namely Ebeneezer Street N1.

Ebeneezer 2014

In 2010 when we were scoping out the route of the first London Classic this was already a mature building site. If we didn’t run down the side of it we’d miss the impressive Westland Place so we opted on riders fudging their way past.

Now here we are in 2014 and its still a building site and not looking anywhere near finished. Both the new Wembley stadium and the Olympic village were completed inside the time this place has been a site. Its now entering into British Library threatening construction time.

If anybody out there can shed light on why the flip its taking so long to put a building up here please let the cobblemonster know.


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